Writings on Psychoanalysis

The Subtle Implications of “Transference-Love” (2021)

The Ubiquitous Screen, the Swelling of the Imaginary, and 21st Century Suffering (2019)

Psychoanalysis against Normalization (2018)

Book Review: Lacan on Love, by Bruce Fink (2017)

A Few Preliminary Thoughts on Relational Psychoanalysis (2017)

Response to Kernberg’s 1978 “Structural Derivatives of Object Relations” (2013)

Humbert, Nabokov and the Ego Ideal (2012)

Death Drive and Anxiety Dreams: Revisiting Freud’s Dream Book (2012)

Guilt and Internalization in Freud and Winnicott (2011)

The Dynamics of Freud’s Two Principles of Mental Functioning (2011)