Warren Holt, Licensed Psychoanalyst


warren-5795I am a psychoanalyst steeped in Freud and Lacan.  My job is to help you find a way out of your anxieties and for you to get your desire flowing with a better feel for life, and with freedom from the frustrating patterns you find yourself in.

I work using a psychoanalytic process which addresses the cause of the problems, not just the symptoms, resulting in continual benefits beyond temporary relief.  I offer rigorous and focused psychotherapy to work through particular issues that require targeted attention. I also offer psychoanalysis, a more intensive approach, for those seeking to realize deep personal changes on a fuller scale.  Most of the people I have worked with have not only resolved the issues that brought them into treatment; they have improved their personal relationships, their physical health and have gained a renewed sense of purpose in life.  I specialize in helping people with anxiety disorders, depression and relationship issues.

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