We are motivated to feel, think and behave in ways that are not always apparent to us, and are sometimes in conflict with what we say we want or who we think we are.  Psychoanalysis assumes that our present experience is continually being swayed by the waves of our past- and that by verbalizing and working through the experiences that have stayed with us, we can change the currents causing the self-destructive patterns that inhibit us from realizing our goals. Psychoanalysis is an intense and life-changing process that can help you achieve deep and continuing personal transformations.  Our collaborative and creative exploration of dreams is part of the journey.  Psychoanalysis requires a sustained commitment to meeting three or more times a week.  Meeting frequently in psychoanalysis results in a continuity in the process which benefits the depth and accelerates the rate of the personal growth.


Is a mode of psychoanalytic work and play in which we focus on issues that require immediate and focused attention.  In this process, we concentrate on locating and unravelling the sources of the inner conflicts that are causing anxiety, depression, anger, sexual or relationship problems.  Psychodynamic psychotherapy requires we meet once or twice a week.