You are considering therapy because you are dissatisfied with some part of your life and you feel stuck.  Maybe you are having trouble in your relationships or with your search for a partner.  Maybe you are experiencing anxiety and depression. Maybe you are unhappy with your job or your direction in life and are having trouble finding a way out of these patterns.  My job is to help you find a way out and for you to emerge with new feelings of freedom and a better self-understanding.

I work with people who are seeking psychotherapy for particular issues or psychoanalysis, a more intensive approach, for those seeking to realize deep personal changes.  My approach involves a collaborative effort in which we recognize and address the issues behind the unsatisfying patterns you find yourself in and make new connections that can help pull you out.

I believe in the value of each individual’s way of expressing themselves and offer a treatment approach that seeks to understand your unique features and adapts to your specific needs.